Reducing Energy Costs

At Batkin Electrical Services we strive to keep up to date with new technologies by sourcing and trialling the latest environmentally friendly products. Incorporated in our research is the essential need to minimise the financial impact of the ever increasing price hikes by our energy providers. Energy efficiency is of paramount importance in today’s economic climate.

One of the most significant areas where financial savings can be made is by switching to energy efficient lighting. In addition to saving the environment there are many benefits to switching to low energy LED and compact fluorescent lighting.

• Reduction in energy bills – Up to 94% reduction in running costs

• Reduction in maintenance costs – LED lighting lasts +50,000 hours

• Reduction in air-conditioning costs – LED lights emit very little heat

• Reduction in fire risk – LED lights run at a low temperature

We can perform an energy audit of your premises and advise you on the various energy saving solutions available today, including cost implications and periods of payback. This service will enable you to make a fully informed decision on the solution most effective for your business and deliver the highest commercial benefits.